Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes

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AKA Miss Chatterbox

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Cheerleading

About Me: I'm the life of the party! I've got all the latest "tea" to spill. Hit me up with any question, and I guarantee I've got the lowdown. I'm a chatterbox, but hey, I'm also an awesome listener! Let me cheer you on during our time together! #YouCanDoIt


Ben 1


AKA Benji

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 17 Years Old

Hobbies: Twinning with Rodney

About Me: Folks claim I'm Rodney's long-lost twin. Not sure if it's my sweet vibes or our stunning good looks, but both are valid. They say smiles are my superpower, and honestly, I can't argue. Making sure my riders crush their goals? Now, that's the coolest gig ever! #TwinningWithRodney



AKA Prints Dun by Sam

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 23 Years Old

Hobbies: Watching Horse Racing - Fast in Class

About Me:I'm all about being #1! Speed is my middle name—I'm your go-to guy for dominating red light, green light. Lightning-fast, but when it comes to my job, it's all business I take care of riders. #SpeedyAndResponsible

Buster 4


AKA Buster Brown

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 19 Years Old

Hobbies: Head of the Draft Herd

About Me: I'm the top horse in my herd, but don't be fooled by my tough looks—I'm a big softie at heart. Give me some love in just the right spot, and you might hear me "purr" like a teddy bear! #BossBearVibes

Chili 1


AKA Chili Pepper

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 16 Years Old

Hobbies: Fitness Coach for Freckles

About Me: I'm all about spicing things up! With my sizzling good looks and a personality as fiery as hot sauce, I bring the heat wherever I go! Fitness is my jam, and I never workout alone, a friendly game of tag is my secret to motive Freckles to be my workout partner. Let's turn up the fun and break a sweat in class!  #GoofyMotivator

Diesel 2


AKA Goofball

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 15 Years Old

Hobbies: Yoga Instructor - Flexibility

About Me: I'm beaming good vibes your way! Don't forget, daily stretching is the fountain of youth. In our sessions, I guide my clients to discover their inner zen. Take life at a turtle's pace—slow, steady, and totally chill. Let's stretch into a youthful, peaceful journey together! #GoodVibesStretch

Doc 2


AKA Docmeister

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 19 Years Old

Hobbies: Hair Health and Growth

About Me: Hey there, I'm Doc, and I'm all about embracing the importance of health! When the chilly weather hits, I take it seriously. I make sure to rock the thickest coat imaginable. According to some of my awesome clients and volunteers, I've achieved Teddy Bear status. Picture this: I'm the ideal blend of fluffy cuteness and undeniable handsomeness. #ItsSoFluffy

Faith, Feb


AKA Diamonds for Valentine

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 22 Years Old

Hobbies: Lead of the Mare Herd/Diva

About Me: I shine bright like diamonds, which is probably why they called me Diamonds for Valentine when I was younger. I rule the herd, ensuring everyone knows their places. While I adore the spotlight, I always make sure my riders feel like the true VIPs in every encounter. #SparklingBossVibes

Freckles 1


AKA Frecks

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 21 Years Old

Hobbies: Rio 2.0

About Me: I'm often compared to Rio, and together, we prep our clients for success in class by flaunting flawless behavior. My volunteers love my easygoing vibe, and I'm all about love in return. Just point me in the direction you fancy, and I'll ensure we cruise there safely! #DynamicDuoVibes

Gin 2


AKA Ginny

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 16 Years Old

Hobbies: Modeling

About Me: Some say I am the prettiest of the herd, while others say Holly is. My long legs and beautiful face help with my modeling. I make sure to show my good side for every photo with my clients. #ModelStatus



AKA Holl Doll

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 15 Years Old

Hobbies: Battling Gin for Prettiest Mare in the Herd

About Me: Hey there, I'm THE diva in my herd. In my ideal universe, I'd be the only horse in my clients eyes. Some might argue that Gin is prettier, but seriously, just look at me! #SMILESDiva

Judy 2


AKA Judles

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Tattoos (Only horse in the herd with a brand)

About Me: No need to brag, but ever since I trotted into SMILES, I've been everyone's favorite! I've got the skills to pamper riders like a pro because I've got loads of experience. Check out the cool brands on my shoulder – not every horse here rocks them. These "tattoos" tell tales of my past homes and the awesome training I've mastered. #TheDraftWithTattoos



AKA One Eye Wonder

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 19 Years Old

Hobbies: Juking my volunteers when they try to halter me

About Me: I'm a bit of a prankster around here! When my awesome volunteers try to put the halter on me, I love to juke them almost every single time. It's just my way of keeping things fun and amusing! #TheJokester



AKA Chicken Nuggie

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 14 Years Old

Hobbies: SMILES Mascot

About Me: Hey there, it's Nugget! Just a heads-up, I'm proudly fun-sized. SMILES is hitting the town to mingle with the community, and guess who's rocking the mascot role? Yep, yours truly! I'm the ideal size for outings and perfect for clients who are as small and awesome as me. Sure, some riders move on to bigger ponies after a few sessions, but I see it as leveling up! #FunSizeRules

Penny 2


 AKA Penelope

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 19 Years Old

Hobbies: Keeping the Peace

About Me: Every group needs that one friend who's the peacekeeper, and guess what? That's me in my awesome herd! I'm all about cheering on my fantastic clients, urging them to give their absolute best in every activity. You bet if they go all out, I'm right there matching their enthusiasm! #PeaceKeeper



AKA Sweet Man

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 25 Years Old

Hobbies: Providing coaching on “how to be the best therapy horse” to my herd mates.

About Me: Call me "Ole Reliable" here at SMILES! Taking my gig as a program horse super seriously, I'm on a mission to coach my fellow herd members on how to bring out their inner me. With my point-and-go attitude, I've become a favorite among volunteers and clients alike. Let's just say, I'm the go-to guy around here! #OleReliable



AKA Rockin Rodney

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 25 Years Old

Hobbies: Long Naps in my Stall

About Me: I have no troubles wooing my volunteers and clients. I love long naps in my stall. I enjoy the wind blowing through my mane during class. Just a simple, down-to-earth kind of gelding here to lend a helping hoof. Whoever you are, rest assured – I'm your guy! #NapsInside>NapsOutside

Sarah 2


AKA Cedar Lane's Sarah

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 19 Years Old

Hobbies: Giving my Leaders an Arm Workout

About Me: Hey there! I'm the biggest horse at SMILES, ready to help everyone, but let's do it at my laid-back pace. I'm a gentle giant, totally into the art of standing around and soaking up the good vibes. When it's time to hit the sand, I might need a bit of extra pep talk, but that's just me making sure my clients and volunteers have an epic workout! #MyPaceOnly

Sport Cropped


AKA Sports Network

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Being Extra Cute for Treats

About Me: Hey pals! They call me Sport, and while my name might sound all athletic, I'm actually a pro at enjoying hay and flaunting cuteness for treats. Once my clients wrap up their class, you bet I'll be turning on the charm – ears forward, a little nose nudge, all in the name of scoring some tasty treats. #FoodIsLife and I'm living it up!



AKA Susy Q

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 14 Years Old

Hobbies: Rolling in the Indoor

About Me: Hey there, cuties! I'm Sue, the freshest face around here. When I'm with my awesome clients, it's all business, but the minute that saddle is off, I'm on a mission to find the nearest patch of sand and roll around in it.  Trust me, I believe a bit of sand in my fur is the ultimate look! And if you point me toward a mirror or window, get ready for me to gaze at my adorable reflection all day long! #MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

Teddy professional pic


AKA Ted. D. Bear 🧸

Occupation: Program Horse

Age: 8 Years Old

Hobbies: Being Perfect

About Me: Hi! My name is Teddy. I'm a stocky, short Belgian/pony cross. My size isn't the only perfect thing about me – my teddy bear personality is a snuggle magnet! Grown-ups adore me, kids can't get enough, and trust me, you're gonna fall head over hooves for me too! #Perfectionist