Valentine's Day Fundraiser


FEBRUARY 13-18, 2023

2023 SMILES Sweetheart of the Year

Chili AKA Chili Pepper


What is it?

It's that time of year when people become extra aware of love.


This year SMILES is encouraging our therapy horses to put themselves out there. To help find their perfect match, each horse has their own dating profile.


Did someone catch your eye? Well, try to impress them by sending them a valentine or two! Your valentine or valentines will be put on their stall door to show them how loved they are!

The horse that has the most love on their stall will be named SMILES 2023 Sweetheart of the Year.

2023 Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes



AKA Miss Chatterbox

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 17 Years Old

Hobbies: Knock, Knock jokes on my stall

About Me: I'm an extrovert. I always have the "tea" to spill. Ask me a question and I am sure to have the answer. Although I love to talk, I love to listen to my riders and leaders.



AKA Benji

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 16 Years Old

Hobbies: Practicing my class skills to reach “Rio status”.

About Me: I feel like I was born to help others. My mom was a longtime SMILES class volunteer and it became my calling too.



AKA Prints Dun by Sam

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 22 Years Old

Hobbies: Getting from point A to point B in the pasture as fast as I can!

About Me: I'm cupid's bow and he never misses the bullseye on our hearts. I was a jumper before my career at SMILES took off.

Buster 2


AKA Buster Brown

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Giving my volunteers an arm workout when trying to make me trot. (you’re welcome for the muscles!)

About Me: What's that saying? Slow and steady wins the race? I like taking things slow. Stop and smell the roses.

Chili with sunglasses 2


AKA Chili Pepper

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 15 Years Old

Hobbies: Unzipping Coats

About Me: I love to add a little “spice” to life! I always “bring the heat” with my dashing good looks and equally saucy personality!



AKA Docmeister

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Personal Trainer: Helping my volunteers get their cardio in with powerwalking.

About Me: "Adventure is out there"- UP

I'm a nature enthusiast. I love being active as I spent most of my life as a trail horse before starting my career at SMILES.

Faith, Feb


AKA Diamonds for Valentine

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 21 Years Old

Hobbies: Trying to win over Rose’s friendship. (Year 5 of being unsuccessful)

About Me: Fun fact about me, I was born on Valentine's Day so I am full of love!

I give my riders faith that they can do whatever they put their mind to!

Freckles Parade of Horses


AKA Frecks

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 20 Years Old

Hobbies: Modeling

About Me: I'm a barn favorite. My white coat is being SMILES' white knight coming to my special rider's rescue every week.



AKA Handsome Henry

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 12 Years Old

Hobbies: Leading the gelding herd to trouble

About Me: Don’t let my sweet little face fool you, I love stirring up trouble in the herd. Deemed SMILES official “bad boy”! I’m as cute as I am naughty, but my rider’s sure get a kick out of my antics!



AKA Holl Doll

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 14 Years Old

Hobbies: Sunbathing and getting a pedicure

About Me: I’m the most beautiful diva you’ll ever meet! “She’s a 10, but she hates her herd mates”. In Holly’s perfect world, she would be the center of all her rider’s attention, no other horses ever needed!



AKA One Eye Wonder

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Juking my volunteers when they try and pick up my hooves

About Me: Two Truths and a Lie

I have one eye

I trail rode in Central Park in New York

SMILES is my first therapeutic riding center job



AKA Chicken Nuggie

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 13 Years Old

Hobbies: Modeling & Detective

About Me: I may be small, but I'm mighty... mighty cute! I am a big advocate for freedom. Even the small hoomans should have a trustee steed their size.

Penny Parade of Horses


 AKA Lucky Penny

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Snacking at the hay barn (food is LIFE!)

About Me: "See a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck!" That's me, I'm the good luck my riders need.



AKA Sweet Man

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 24 Years Old

Hobbies: Providing coaching on “how to be the best therapy horse” to my herd mates.

About Me: The forever favorite! There isn’t a rider or volunteer who doesn’t love me. I would be voted “most reliable” in the SMILES yearbook!



AKA Rockin Rodney

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 24 Years Old

Hobbies: Giving the feed pan back for more treats

About Me: I'm the kind of guy everyone can get along with. Laid back and chill. I'm a horse that anyone can trust.



AKA Rosie Posie

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 27 Years Young

Hobbies: Being THE boss

About Me: Do you have a place to be? Me too, let's go! I love the feeling of sand under my hooves and wind blowing through my mane, so I try to keep it that way by getting my rider to point A to B quickly.

sarah mulch bed cropped


AKA Cedar Lane's Sarah

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: Bossing the boys around

About Me: Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm a big girl, but that means I have a big heart. I am very sweet and lovable. They call me a gentle giant. Adults love me. Kids love me. You'll love me!

Sport Cropped


AKA Sports Network

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 17 Years Old

Hobbies: Practicing my facial expressions

About Me: My strides are as smooth as my charm. I am a gaited horse with a loud personality. If you are looking for a peaceful ride, I'm your guy.

Turtleandmark (3)


AKA Turtle Sundae

Occupation: Therapy Horse

Age: 24 Years Old

Hobbies: Turning into “the hare” during relay races! (I love to win!)

About Me: I'm that typical shy guy. I like taking things slow in a relationship, but once I get to know you, I am as sweet as a turtle sundae.