What does it take to be a SMILES Volunteer?

Volunteer Requirements

  • The minimum age requirement for volunteers is 15.  Volunteers must be able to work independently with minimal staff supervision.
  • Our classes run in 8-week sessions, and volunteers are asked to commit to at least one class per week, at the same time each week, for an entire session.
  • Volunteering in the program, barn, and/or facility involves moderate physical activity.  Please be sure you are comfortable with the physical aspects of the role you select.
  • Volunteers should demonstrate a commitment to education, teamwork, and community service.

"What I enjoy about volunteering at SMILES is the interaction with the horses, riders, other volunteers, and staff, but most importantly, the look of accomplishment on the riders' faces each week when they have successfully met the lesson's objective."

-Mark Hanson, SMILES Volunteer, Board President, Retired Educator

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

1. Fill out a "Volunteer Interest Form" and the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule a Volunteer Orientation or upcoming Open House.

The Orientation/Open House includes an overview of the SMILES program, a tour of the facility, and an opportunity to meet volunteers, horses, and clients at SMILES.


2. Complete the SMILES Volunteer Application and Background Check Form Once submitted, the Volunteer Coordinator will be notified that it has been completed.


3. At the conclusion of the Orientation/Open House, you will be scheduled for Volunteer Training, depending on the role(s) you are interested in at SMILES.


For a peek into some responsibilities that our volunteers have, click on the link below to view the most recent Volunteer Handbook.


Volunteer Handbook

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