In Honor of Carolyn Ply

Maureen Weiss

In Honor of Edward Trow

Carrie Casper

In Honor of Geoff Sugden’s Birthday

Cindy Blair

Charlene Kepler

In Honor of Margot’s Birthday

Theodore Cromack

In Honor of Roger Nathan’s 90th Birthday

Susan Angell

Allison and Kenneth Davis

Greg Goh

Paul Higdon

James and Noreen Perrone

Mike and Gay Stran

David and Donna Strang

In Honor of The Katies

Martha Hren

In Honor of Thomas Carney

The employees of Royal Basket

In Honor of Susan McEneany


In Honor of the SMILES Volunteers

Connie Schmidt-Becker

In Memory of Kathryn Kowalczyk

Angela Kowalczyk

In Memory of Margaret Reimann

Ann Reimann Aplin