Donate or Lease Your Horse

Being an equine based program, the success of SMILES relies heavily on the selection of our horses and ponies. In order to provide the best therapeutic sessions for our clients, the horses must be sound, healthy, and have a calm and patient demeanor.



-Between the ages of 6-16 (to ensure longevity within the program)

-Sound at the walk/trot/canter

-No underlying health issues such as: Heaves, Laminitis, EPM, etc.

-Tolerant/Calm personality

-Able to work up to 1 ½ hours a day (two 45 minute lessons) up to 6 days a week

Sarah nugget

How to Get Started

If your horse meets the above requirements and you feel they would make a great fit for therapeutic riding, call the office, 262-882-3470.


What will be discussed:

  • Learn more about the horse via a phone screening
  • An onsite evaluation will be scheduled if the horse sounds like a good candidate for the program.
  • During the evaluation, you will be asked to ride your horse for the staff to observe allowing us to learn more about your horse’s training cues and movement.
  • Staff will then ride the horse, utilizing basic therapeutic activities your horse would encounter at SMILES.

After the Onsite Evaluation, IF SUCCESSFUL:

  • 60-Day Trial
  • Slowly introducing the horse to SMILES' program props, electric SureHands Lift, wheelchairs, and different obstacles


Upon successful completion of the 60-day trial, the owner is able to choose either a free lease or a donation option for their horse.

If you feel your horse would do well in an active therapeutic setting, please contact the office at 262-882-3470.