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HEARTS (Horse Experiences & Activities Resulting in Therapeutic Success) is an unmounted program designed on an individual basis to accommodate each student’s specific needs and goals. Clients learn how to safely work with the horses in a one-on-one setting where they will cover topics such as horse care, grooming, leading, saddling, and so much more! This program is tailored to each individual and their abilities to ensure success.

Clients typically come once a week for a 30 minute lesson for the duration of a 9 week session, working one-on-one with a PATH International Certified Instructor. This is a great option for clients that want to learn more about their horse outside of riding, or for clients that are unable to physically ride but still want to receive the therapeutic benefits of working with the horses.

2022 Student Forms


Physical: Both gross and fine motor skills are incorporated into the lesson plans during activities such as grooming and saddling. The client also works on balance and coordination, as they are constantly stretching and reaching during these activities. The HEARTS program promotes cardiovascular and strength training through grooming, saddling, and leading.

Social/Emotional: Relationships are built on a foundation of communication and trust within this program as they learn how to bond and work with their horse as a team. Through a partnership with the horse, clients learn trust, respect and leadership skills. The success of mastering a new skills builds self-esteem and motivates the client to try new things.

Cognitive: Grooming and Saddling are done in a specific order, which develops routine and sequencing/recall. When covering horse care, the client receives a sense of responsibility. The HEARTS program introduces new vocabulary, and improves attention and focus.


Get Started

The first step to enroll in the HEARTS program is to fill out the 2022 Student Forms. Once the packet is completed and the Physician’s Release has been filled out and signed, a cost-free onsite evaluation with the Program Coordinator is scheduled. You may schedule this via phone 262-882-3470 or email: classes@smilestherapeuticriding.org . During the evaluation you will received a full facility tour, establish individual goals to be addressed during the lessons, as well as a more in depth look at the 9 week progressive curriculum. At this time, we will review the schedule and find a class that would be best suited for the client. The onsite evaluation will familiarize you with the facility and help you be prepared for your first day of class!

If you are already enrolled in the Therapeutic Riding Program and would like to add the HEARTS Program, just call the office to discuss enrolling in the next session!